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Bringing expertise and passion together.

Bas Oppenheim
Bas Oppenheim
Founder, Lead Developer & Designer

A multidisciplinary expert with a strong background in psychology, philosophy, and programming, Bas Oppenheim is dedicated to creating innovative mental health apps that positively impact researchers, therapists and clients worldwide.

MSc in Health Psychology &
Digital Interventions,
at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Maya Magina
Research & Development Intern

An ambitious student with a background in psychology and behavior change. Maya is passionate about leveraging digital tools to empower individuals to take charge of their well-being. Her mission is to create mental health resources that are inclusive and accessible to all, and she is inspired by the company’s values and dedication to innovate mental health solutions.

MSc candidate in Health Psychology &
Digital Interventions,
at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Our values


We strive to create cutting-edge solutions to address mental health challenges.


We prioritize the needs and experiences of therapists and clients in designing and improving our apps.


We work with mental health professionals to ensure our tools address real-world therapeutic needs.


We ensure our apps are grounded in scientific research and adhere to the highest ethical standards.


We create digital tools that are easy to use, understand, and integrate into therapy sessions.

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At Apps for the Living, we're on a mission to transform mental health care. We're seeking passionate individuals in psychology, web & Android development, and marketing to join our team. As an intern, you'll experience a caring start-up environment, where we value your unique contributions and foster your personal growth. Apply now and make a difference in the lives of therapists and clients around the world!

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